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My two areas of specific expertise within neurosurgery are cerebrovascular neurosurgery and spine surgery.


I treat the entire spectrum of blood vessel problems in the head, neck, and spinal cord.  Sometimes we approach the blood vessels from the outside with microsurgery.  For example, I perform clipping of intracranial aneurysms, carotid endarterectomies, and microvascular decompressions. Other times we treat the vessels from within using endovascular techniques. For example, I perform coiling of intracranial aneurysms, carotid artery stenting, and embolization of vascular malformations. A significant portion of my cerebrovascular practice involves emergency care, including acute stroke interventions and brain hemorrhages. My training in both microsurgery and endovascular surgery enables me to tailor the surgical strategy for each individual patient.

I also treat spinal disorders in the neck, trunk, and low back.  When we operate on the spine we care for the spinal cord and nerves, and also for the bones and discs that make up our skeleton. For example, I perform laminectomies and foraminotomies, and also fusions, discectomies, and arthroplasties.


Finally, I treat many general neurosurgical pathologies as well, including brain and spine tumors, subdural hematomas, hydrocephalus, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Education & Training


Neurological Surgery, UPMC


Neuroendovascular Surgery, UPMC


M.D., Thomas Jefferson University


B.S., Haverford College

Research & Teaching


Dr. Zussman is currently working on an exciting clinical study called the Rapid Evacuation of Neurovascular hEmorrhage at Wellstar (RENEW) Study. 


Dr. Zussman maintains an educational website called Check it out!

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